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How to practice technical analysis?

Technical analysis was first used by the Japanese in the eighteenth century to predict the price of rice.They understood that the rice market was influenced by the emotions of the people involved in the transaction and that the representation of the harvest could be quite different from the crop itself.Subsequently, different market analysis tools through graphics have been developed in the United States and Europe to allow the underlying analysis of an asset. …

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Technical Analysis Course

MCTA™ (Master Certification in Technical Analysis) course aims create professionals or smart trader who can predict the price movement of commodity/stock and can analyze the risk reward of his capital even in extreme volatile market. You will learn the art of analyzing the charts and how to define stoploss and target, Risk Reward ratio, Intraday trading techniques, BTST/STBT and positional trading.…

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which time frame of chart you should focus on in trading ?

Intraday traders use minute charts such as 1 to 15 minute . Short-term traders use hourly or weekly charts Long-term traders use

weekly  and daily charts.

Advised to study Price Movement  of past 2-5 Days Advised to study Price Movement  of past 2-5 Week Advised to study Price Movement  of past 1 year
Trade for Intraday, exit by market close.
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